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Part 5: Scoring

Level ranks

In each level, you can earn one of five ranks: S, A, B, C, or D. Here’s the grading criteria:

  1. Finished the level within the target time.
  2. Collected every coin in the level.
  3. Finished the level while holding five pieces of fruit.
  4. Beat the level on your first attempt in the current playthrough.

If you accomplish all four of these, you’ll earn an S. If you miss one then you’ll earn an A, if you miss two then you’ll earn a B, and so on.

In Story Mode, you’ll receive a score bonus for the rank you earned:

Rank Bonus
S 4000
A 3000
B 2000
C 1000
D 0

S-Ranks are intended to be super difficult to get, and they can only be earned in Story Mode. In Practice Mode you can earn up to an A-Rank. (#4 on the grading criteria isn’t counted in Practice Mode.)

Each time you die, your score is reset to the value it was when you first entered the level. (In other words, scoring a few points and then dying repeatedly won’t increase your overall score.)

Endgame scoring

At the end of the game, three of your stats will be posted to the online leaderboards: Your points score, total time, and total deaths.

Your points score represents your overall performance, taking into account how often you died, how many coins and fruit you collected, how many baddies you KO’d, how quickly you beat the game, etc.

Your total playthrough time indicates how long it took you to beat the game. Time spent in the pause menu or watching cutscenes does not count towards your overall playthrough time.

Your total deaths indicates how many times you died before beating the game.

Miles & Kilo is a tough game, but if you manage to beat it, try playing through it again! You’ll be surprised at how much your performance improves each time.