Miles and Kilo

Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be an Android version?

I’m looking into releasing Miles & Kilo on other platforms, and Android is a definite possibility. Keep an eye out for news later this year.

How do I replay levels?

Currently, you can only replay levels in Practice Mode. There are two ways to access Practice Mode:

  1. On the main menu, scroll through the options until you see “PRACTICE”, then tap it.
  2. Alternatively, from the world map you can tap the “< STORY MODE >” text at the top to switch to Practice Mode.

Replaying levels in story mode was originally disabled for a host of reasons, but mostly because replaying levels can cause issues with score tracking for the online leaderboards.

I’m working on an update that will allow players to replay levels in the main story mode, and online leaderboard competition will be moved into its own mode called “Time Attack.”

Why can’t I earn S-Ranks in Practice Mode?

Currently, part of the criteria for earning an S-Rank is to have zero deaths on the level you’re attempting, which is only really meaningful in the main story mode. However, this feels a little extreme, and I’m planning to remove this criteria in the next update.

I can’t progress to the next level

It’s possible you’re playing Practice Mode instead of the main story mode. Practice Mode allows you to replay levels, but won’t allow you progress to new ones.

This will be changed to be more intuitive in a future update.

The second boss is super hard!

Yes he is, sorry about that! In the next update you’ll be able to deflect his boomerangs by throwing fruit at them, but you’ll still need to learn how to jump over his boomerangs if you want the best score possible.